Tuesday, August 13, 2002

THE SEX LIVES OF SUPERHEROES: Meryl Yourish started a fascinating round of discussion regarding the...desirability of different superheroes. (Here's Rounds 2 and 3.)
I'm surprised she didn't discuss my namesake.
The blogger formerly known as Sgt. Stryker rated the heroines. I was a Jean Grey guy myself (no Silk Spectre jokes).
Finally, check out this classic Larry Niven piece about how the world would end if Superman ever had sex, and many other issues which have no doubt kept you all up at night.
COEXISTENCE GROWS IN BROOKLYN: Here's an interesting article on how a large number of Muslim immigrants (mostly Palestinians, according to the article) have moved to Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn and found some measure of satisfaction. According to the article, the neighborhoods' popularity is not coincidential:

She says the two communities share a lot more than it appears at first glance. "People are religious, modest, keep kosher, and the family is the center of their lives," she explains.
... "Politics killed the similarities between the two peoples," says Browne. "If you take out the political element, the two people can live in peace along side each other and be good neighbors."
...She is well aware of the political views of most of the Jews of Boro Park and Flatbush. But during a conversation with her she tries to steer clear of any comments that might be interpreted as criticism of her neighbors. "The vast majority of Arab immigrants came to the U.S. to find work and improve their quality of life. This wasn't religious immigration, but economic immigration, and they integrate very quickly, on their way to reaching for the American dream." She emphasizes, "Coexistence can flourish under conditions of equality and circumstances that grant everyone practically the same opportunity."

RETURN OF THE PRODIGAL BLOGGER: This has been my longest and most inexcusable absence, due to a combination of personal and work-related reasons. I will try to make it up to you all.